Friday, August 16, 2013

Made the Leap

Well, today begins the first full day of my journey from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair.  I wore my hair relaxed for almost 30 years!  I just did the math and am amazed it's been that long.  For those in the African-American community, particularly women, you will understand why I call this a journey.  All the stigma and history that goes with our hair is the backdrop for such a change.  And it's not an easy or short ride either. Some will take the drastic step of doing the "big chop" and just cut off all the relaxed hair.  Others, like myself, opt for the longer process of growing it out.  Fortunately, my hairstylist has worn her hair natural, so while not a natural hair care specialist or loctician, she does know a thing or two about dealing with natural hair and the transition involved.

Last night, instead of getting my usual 8-week relaxer, she opted for braiding my hair in sections and then roller-setting it on medium rods.  I sat under the dryer for probably over an hour while she made sure it was thoroughly dry.  Next time she said she will use more braids so that it can dry quicker.  But, I liked the effect of a head full of curly curls. Normally, I would get a roller set, so this isn't too much of a departure from my usual routine.

One thing I'm looking forward to is experimenting with different styles as the texture changes.  I'll try to blog here throughout the process and include some pictures along with my feelings and experiences.

Day after braided rod set

Another angle of 'do the day after a braided rod set.

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